Tsubasa Hori (Japanese Taiko drummer)

Tsubasa currently lives in Antwerp, Belgium.
Born in Kyoto, Tsubasa started playing Taiko at the age of eleven. 
She later graduated from the Kyoto City Horikawa Music High School (Percussion Class).
While studying, Tsubasa began to play drumkit in bands and immersed herself into the world of ‘Japanese Rock’. After this period, Tsubasa moved to Sado Island in 1996, and would be a performing member of the Japanese Drumming Group ‘Kodo’ over the next 14 years.
Not only was Tsubasa involved in the group as a main stage performer. She also wrote pieces and arranged works, and in 2008 she assembled a female-based Taiko production ‘Cocon’, allowing the exploration of female Taiko performance.
In 2010 Tsubasa moved to Belgium, collaborated with musicians whose works are pushing the definition of genre, and became involved in theater productions, dance works, fashion related performances and artworks.
Her solo performance is based on improvisation and in recent years she also gives importance perform for children.
Tsubasa uses a number of other instruments with a distinct Japanese flavor
, including Koto (Japanese Harp), Voice, Piano, Kyujo-orin (modern Japanese bells), and Music Box. 
She is highly-regarded by the music community, and has performed in over 40 different countries in her career.


堀つばさ (和太鼓奏者)

中心メンバーとしての舞台演奏のほか、作曲、編曲も手がけ 2007年には女性ユニットを立ち上げ、積極的に女性和太鼓奏者の表現の可能性を探る。



Photo by Koen Broos

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