“roundABOUT #1 TSUBASA HORI” produced by Zonzo compagnie, ChampdAction

Zonzo companieによって新しく設計された移動型円形劇場roundABOUTの第一弾アーティストとして招待していただき、円、サークルということからのインスピレーションも受け、お盆、盆踊りを主軸におきつつ、山の風景や虫のざわめきなど、私が恋しい日本の風景も盛り込みながら、40分の子供向けコンサートを作りました。


Premire on 26 September 2021 at Handelsbeurs Gent, Belgium

TSUBASA HORI concept, muziek & muzikale uitvoering
VERA TUSSING dramaturgie & choreografie 
SARAH YU ZEEBROEK visueel design
WILLEM MERTENS video-animatie
JO THIELEMANS sound design
WOUTER VAN LOOY scenografie
LISA GAMBEY assistent kostuumontwerp

“Drie Sterke Vrownen”  produced by Walpurgis muziek theater

アントワープを拠点に活動する音楽劇団の作品「Drie Sterke Vrownen」(3人の強い女達)に参加させていただいております。


After Princess Turandot (2011) and Fidelio (2016) Judith Vindevogel is inspired by an ancient Japanese fairy tale in which gender cliches are punctuated in a playful way.
Drie Sterke Vrouwen (Three strong women) become an intimate musical theater story with live music and drawings, close to the children.

Tekst, regie & stem: Judith Vindevogel
Compositie, percussie & koto: Tsubasa Hori
Live tekeningen: Sarah Yu Zeebroek
Scenografie: Stef Depover
Bewegingsadvies: Fumiyo Ikeda

“De Wereld”  produced by Theater STAP  (2018)

トゥルナウト(ベルギー)を拠点に活動する劇団STAPの作品De Wereldに音楽家として参加させていただきました。劇団STAPは知的障害者によって構成されている力強く美しい劇団です。

Theater Stap/Theater Stap is a professional theatre company creating performances in which mentally disabled people take centre stage. The performances’ artistic quality legitimises the company’s unique position within Flanders’ mainstream theatrical landscape.Theater Stap strongly believes disabled artists possess the capacity to move their audiences while performing. The company offers the actors a working space to develop their talents and individual artistic careers. In collaboration with various professional artists Theater Stap creates productions putting first the actors’ authenticity, increasing the visibility of disabled people and livening up broad discussions about theatre.

15/03/2018 20:15 De Wereld/Theater Stap Premire @Theater Stap (Turnhout,BE)

De Wereld   https://www.theaterstap.be/nl/event/86/de-wereld

concept, regie en spel Luc Nuyens en Frank Dierens
spel Guy Dirken, Ann Dockx, Jan Goris, Daan Hutten, Hazina Kenis, Luc Loots, Jelle Palmaerts, Leen Teunkens, Anke Verwaest, Gitte Wens
livemuziek Steven De bruyn en Tsubasa Hori
tekst Paul Verrept
vormgeving Stef Stessel
kostuums Lieve Pynoo
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